Gaza Action Ireland in Solidarity with the Palestinian People and Their General Strike for Freedom

We at Gaza Action Ireland (GAI) fully support the Day of Action in solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising and General Strike for Liberation today 18th May and send all our solidarity to the Palestinian people.

 Civil society can act too by supporting the Palestinian call for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) on Israel until freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people. There have been too many reports, too many empty statements, too many war crimes, too much pain, trauma and death, this cannot be allowed to continue.  

Gaza Action Ireland (GAI), condemns in the strongest possible terms, apartheid Israel’s latest, brutal attack on the Palestinians in Gaza, as well as in Jerusalem and much of historic Palestine. To date, after days of deadly airstrikes on Gaza by Israel, 200 people, including 59 children have been killed, with thousands of people wounded. Hundreds of housing units and many schools have also been destroyed.

Entire families have been killed in the airstrikes, with many people buried alive under the rubble. At least two senior Palestinian doctors in Gaza have been killed, Dr Ayman Abu al-Ouf, head of internal medicine at Al-Shifa hospital and Dr Mooein Ahmad al-Aloul, a 66-year-old psychiatric neurologist. In addition Gaza’s only coronavirus testing lab is no longer functional, exacerbating a medical expertise shortage and crisis in a healthcare system that was already in a state of collapse even before the pandemic.

Last week we learned of the death in the bombing of Wael Abdul Karim Issa, brother of our friend and colleague, artist Raed Issa whose beautiful work toured Ireland as part of the Windows Into Gaza exhibition. And today we listened with deep sadness as our dear friend Ayed Abu Ramadan, Chairman of Al Helal Football Academy who came to Ireland twice with our Gaza Kids to Ireland project told Morning Ireland of the fear and trauma of being under Israeli attack saying that he was afraid to leave his family so that whatever happens will happen to all of them.

These brutal Israeli military assaults on Gaza must stop immediately, the illegal siege of Gaza must be lifted and the Palestinian people must be allowed to live in dignity and freedom. Israel must face sanction for these and all its war crimes. The Irish government can show leadership in taking meaningful action by enacting the Occupied Territories Bill, already passed by both Houses of the Oireachtas. It can also call for an arms embargo on Israel. It is the very minimum we can do to hold Israel accountable and to meet our obligations under international law.

Felim Egan, A Farewell

We at Gaza Action Ireland wish to express our deep sadness at the death of Felim Egan, our friend, colleague and integral part of our group and our work.

 Felim was an acclaimed artist, a tireless supporter of Palestinian rights and strong advocate of the cultural boycott of Israel and the broader BDS Movement in solidarity with Palestine.

Through his own work as a painter and with his artistic colleagues, Felim was crucial to the Irish Ship to Gaza Campaign and the flotilla movement to break the illegal siege of Gaza. Irish Art for Gaza played a major part in raising the funds to buy the MV Saoirse which sailed to break the blockade of Gaza as part of the Freedom Waves flotilla movement in 2011. The MV Saoirse and the Tahrir sailed for Gaza in November 2011, the larger flotilla having been sabotaged by Israel that summer, Felim cooked for his shipmates and coordinated the kitchen. The two ships were intercepted in international waters by the Israeli navy, Felim and his shipmates were kidnapped and imprisoned in Givon jail in Israel.

With Gaza Action Ireland, Felim finally travelled to Gaza in 2013 where he established links with Palestinian artists there, visiting their studios, doing painting workshops with children and setting up an arts strand of solidarity between Irish and Palestinian artists. Although Israel’s brutal siege prevented the artists from travelling to Ireland, Felim curated their work in the very powerful ‘Windows into Gaza’ exhibition which opened at the RHA in Dublin and travelled around Ireland, sharing the artists’ work and their perspectives with audiences here. Felim said of the project: “This face of Gaza is missing, an aspect that almost nobody knows. Art can show the side of tragedy in Gaza. However, through its deep culture, paintings, photography, literature and music, can illustrate the spirit of life, a deep reflective side one of innovation and enlightenment. I believe this gesture to highlight an aspect of cultural life in Gaza is a wonderful opportunity, and inspiration for Ireland and Palestine. To demonstrate how the arts can rise above and bring hope beyond the darkness.”

As an artist Felim promoted the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel and was part of the launch with public figures of the Irish campaign to boycott the Eurovision in Israel in 2019.

Felim continued his work with GAI on our Gaza Kids to Ireland project, playing a key role in welcoming the children from Al Helal Football Academy to Ireland and ensuring their two trips here were enjoyable and rewarding. Our plans to bring the Al Helal kids to Ireland this year were put on hold by the pandemic but Felim never stopped working for Palestine and one of his final acts was help with a letter from major Irish and international artists calling for an end to Israel’s siege of Gaza amid the Covid 19 crisis.

We will dearly miss Felim’s creativity, talent and huge heart, his wicked sense of humour and his uniqueness. We send our deepest sympathies to his friends and family. Go well Felim, our friend, you were one of the best.

‘A death sentence’: First Covid-19 cases in Gaza highlight besieged territory’s special vulnerability

from Gaza Action Ireland, March 22, 2020

Israel must lift the siege on Gaza so that local health services can meet the terrible new demands they are likely to face from the coronavirus.

That is the call today [SUNDAY] from support group Gaza Action Ireland, as the first two cases of Covid-19 were identified in the besieged Palestinian territory – understood to be travellers returning from Pakistan via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

While coronavirus poses a threat to populations everywhere, the people in Gaza are especially vulnerable due to Israel’s decades-long siege.  

Gaza Action Ireland calls on Ireland’s foreign-affairs minister, Simon Coveney, to demand that Israel lift the siege on Gaza and that he push fellow EU foreign ministers to do the same.  

“We also ask that the Government commits at this dangerous time to ensuring the passage of the Occupied Territories Bill into law,” Gaza Action Ireland coordinator Zoë Lawlor said.  

Most of Gaza’s 2 million people live in crowded conditions with little chance of social distancing and no opportunity to escape. The health system in Gaza is already in a state of collapse due to the blockade and does not have the capacity to cope with the clinical demands that Corona Virus brings.  

Electricity supplies in Gaza are limited to less than half the day, aquifer water is 96% undrinkable, and poverty means that families are often unable to buy water. 

Palestinians in Gaza who need medical care they can’t access in the Strip are already at the mercy of Israel for permission to travel for treatment, with thousands of such requests ignored or rejected.  

The World Health Organisation has warned that the health system in Gaza will not have the capacity to cope with a coronavirus outbreak.  

“The potential for an even bigger humanitarian disaster in Gaza now looms large and it is unconscionable that the people there will be further abandoned by the international community in this global crisis,” Lawlor said.  

According to international humanitarian and human rights law, as the occupying power Israel is obliged to ensure the health of the people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Gaza – an obligation that state flagrantly breaches.  

“It is also the responsibility of states such as Ireland to hold Israel accountable for its breaches of international law,” Lawlor said.

This pandemic lays bare the vulnerability and precarity of the people in Gaza. “The illegal, immoral siege imposed by Israel must end, otherwise this is a death sentence for the people there,” she added.  

Gaza Action Ireland reiterated its support for the Palestinian civil-society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel for freedom and justice for Palestine.  

“We call for an immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza, for medical supplies to be allowed in, and for support for the health workers there. We send all our solidarity to our sisters and brothers in Gaza – we will keep trying our best to support your struggle for justice,” Lawlor concluded.  

Gaza Action Ireland offers support for and solidarity with the people of Gaza through forging links with civil society in Ireland and Palestine. It has organised the visits to Ireland of a youth soccer team from the besieged territory as well as exhibitions of the work of painters from Gaza. 






Gaza Kids to Ireland Fundraising Events 2018

The Gaza Kids to Ireland are coming back! It’s round three!

As the trip last year was such an uplifting, joyous experience, we are doing it all again this summer! At the end of July, the kids from Al Helal Academy are coming to Ireland to play football and meet you!

We need funds to make this happen, please donate here

Facebook Gaza Action Ireland  Twitter @GazaAI1

These are our public events.

August 23rd Thursday,  7.30pm the Lighthouse Pub Dún Laoghaire

July 20th Friday,  9pm Mooney’s, the Quays,  Wexford, table quiz.


July 22nd Sunday, 11pm til late, Massimo, Galway. The Stunning after party.


15th July, Sunday sponsored 5km walk in aid of the Gaza Kids to Ireland! Starting Eamonn Ceannt Park Dublin at 1pm

7th July, Saturday, Maldron Hotel Tallaght, Solidarity Sessions


June 29th, Balbriggan, fun run. fiver Friday.


Thurs June 28 Leitrim Sculpture Centre Clothes Swap

June 2nd Cliftonville FC are holding a fundraiser






Gaza Kids to Ireland 2017– Media

Here’s some of the coverage of this year’s brilliant visit from the kids from the Al Helal Football Academy, Gaza, Palestine #COYBFG

Leitrim Observer

FAI Report

FAI Palestinian children take part in Irishtown friendly

Warm welcome for children from Gaza ahead of football tour around Ireland

From Gaza to Sandymount: Teens living under blockade enjoy first trip abroad and enjoy kick-about on Dublin beach

Gaza Kids to Ireland welcomes young footballers for Irish tour

Children Arrive for ‘Gaza Kids to Ireland’ Football Tour


Beautiful shots at Ballinteer St. John’s GAA
PICTURED: Gaza children arrive in Dublin to play hurling and raise awareness

A GAA-s time for Gaza kids

Great TV3 Report on Sandymount Strand – about 11.30 minutes in
Gaza Kids on Sandymount Strand

‘Gaza Kids’ soccer tour #COYBFG kicks off in Ireland with welcome by Dublin City Mayor

Galway Bay FM: Gaza Kids Come Back to Galway

Gaza Kids To Tallaght call on local community for support

Gaza Kids to Ireland welcomes young footballers for Irish tour

Ocean FM: Palestinian children to take part in Manorhamilton Rangers matches

Great piece by Emmet Malone in the Irish Times

Palestinian visitors melt Irish hearts as football finally takes centre-stage

“By the middle of next week, they will be back home again, and trying to play their football again in what has often been described, even by then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as open air prison. In 10 years time, if they get the chance to develop their talent, they might be representing it and the rest of what they regard as their country in international competition. As things stand, though, there is absolutely no basis to believe that the challenges they face will be any different to now.

Fifa will still be kicking to touch with perhaps the most likely thing to have the changed, the number of clubs defying the rules and making life a little awkward for handsomely rewarded officials who just want to be liked by all the members of the great, dysfunctional fiction that is the football family.”

Video: Gaza Kids touch down in Dublin

RTÉ Video Report on Manorhamilton Visit

Palestinian footballers taste success on Leitrim visit

Cork: Palestinian youth side to play against Blackpool’s Castleview tomorrow

Today FM, Al Porter Show Gaza Action Ireland Coordinator Zoe Lawlor 40 minutes in

Zoe Lawlor Today FM

Young footballers from Gaza arrive in Cork for Mardyke Arena game

Strong piece in the Irish Times on the Cork visit

Gaza academy u-15 team get warm welcome in Cork for soccer friendly

Academy president, Ayed Abu Ramadan was delighted with the welcome they received in Cork. “We are overwhelmed at the generosity of the Irish people for inviting our young players here and I can see the impact that it has on them, not just as footballers but also in terms of their personal development as it teaches about the other,” said Mr Ramadan. “It’s great that they get to see that the world is not all like Gaza because back home we don’t see any other people – we see just ourselves and the Israeli army and they think the whole world is like Israel so a visit like this reinforces hope for them for the future.”



The Shebab from Gaza Came Back

They came back again, the shebab from Al Helal Football Academy in Gaza came back! Big brown eyes, big wide smiles and huge hearts, that’s what they brought to us, again. After bringing the Gaza Kids to Ireland last year and how successful and uplifting it was, we decided to do it again. The project is about practical solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and opening up windows between here and there. We want to show the people there that although they are living under a brutal, illegal siege, with the full complicity of the international community, including the Irish government, that there are lots of people here who care and who want to show solidarity. It is also a way to raise awareness of what is going on in Gaza, in Palestine. The media here ignores the constant violence that Israel inflicts on Gaza, it ignores the power cuts, the raw sewage flowing into the sea, the mass poverty and unemployment, the chronic state of the healthcare system, the prison conditions and the daily cruelty of the siege, the occupation, the apartheid. They only talk about Gaza when it’s being militarily attacked, and then it’s through an Israeli and racist prism.

We want to share and amplify the voice of Palestinian children, to let them show how brilliant and lovely and deserving of the exact same rights as all kids they are. And we want people to see their football skills!


It seemed like it might not happen this year, with the worsening squeeze on Gaza and the total unpredictability of Israel’s control of people’s movement, Palestinians need permits from Israel to exit and enter Gaza, with most refused and even thousands of severe medical cases denied every year. It is essentially a prison with all movement controlled by Israel.

This situation also makes planning very difficult, you have to make an itinerary with the proviso that it may all be delayed or may never happen. Until the night before they travelled, the group had no idea whether they would be granted permits to leave Gaza. When they did find out at 9 the evening before, the leader and Chairman of the Academy, Ayed, was in Ramallah and had to get to Gaza and get everyone and everything organised for the following morning. It’s amazing that he did it, that they all did it.

As always with apartheid Israel, nothing is fully ‘allowed’ and every effort is made to mess things around. None of the Al Helal coaches were granted permits to leave, and neither was one player, the brilliant and lovely Khaled Jouda who was here last year. The journey from Gaza to Amman to fly here, although not long, takes a very long time and is arduous. One child who was also here last year, the lovely Yousef Jendaya, was turned back at the Erez crossing, despite having a permit to travel. Imagine the disappointment of that for him, he had to leave the group and go home, he was so upset, what cruelty to do that to a child. And every time you wonder why they do it, why do they behave like this? And it’s because they can, because cruelty is the default and, at all times, power and control must be exercised.  Due to the hold ups and questioning, the group missed their flight and had to scramble to find somewhere to stay late night in Amman and we had to try to find new flights, 21 of them, the next day.


But they came, they came, and, despite that extra long, tiring journey and arriving into Dublin at 7.25 am, they played football that morning – against the Iveagh Trust and on Sandymount Strand. And they posed for photos and did media and smiled and played football and hurling, they had to be dragged in out of the rain. Their energy, enthusiasm and resilience was constant throughout the trip, they are the absolute best.

The reception the kids get all over Ireland is heartwarming, people are really delighted to meet them. They were welcomed and fed everywhere they went and we could have brought them to every county, so many were the offers. We couldn’t get everywhere but we did get to Dublin, Kinvara, Manorhamilton, Limerick and Cork. The kids played great football but they really missed not having a coach. Although we had the brilliant Azeez Yusuff with us again this year, the language barrier made coaching difficult, it is of course deliberate by Israel to prevent coaches from travelling with a team for a soccer tournament. So, they didn’t win every match this time, but they were always fast, skilled and brilliant. They also sang songs, danced, played the drums, played hurling and Gaelic football, visited waterfalls, parks, beaches, climbed walls, swam, did acrobatics and circus tricks, they had a mental shopping time in Limerick. The Shebab went to the Dubs game in Croke Park, getting recognised and acclaimed all the way to Croker. They were guard of honour for the Shamrock Rovers V Derry City game, in a great initiative by #GazaKidstoTallaght. They had met the President Michael D Higgins last year at Galway United but this year he came to Tallaght, for his first visit, especially to meet them. He made a speech and took loads of photos with the children, he chose to do that and we take it as a serious act of solidarity.

Being with the kids for the whole time they were here is a real privilege and I’m so lucky to have been able to do it. It means you get close and it’s an intense, emotional time. They are kind, funny, sweet, loving boys and they know how to slag! Last year’s bilingual ‘Nothing’ joke was a winner this year, as was a new ‘cooler’ one and the inevitable finger whirl on the high five,the craic of them. We had other jokes about bananas, my attempted banning of Despacito and the various smells on the bus. It was fun. Every night there was much running around corridors, dragging mattresses around the place, Facetime with family (usually sitting in the dark) and the mornings were a manic rush to replenish banana stocks, lash out the cheese and hummus sandwiches, and the ultimate challenge: trying to get everyone on the bus. On time. We never succeeded but Ayed, Azeez and myself gave it our best shot, every day.

This project is a real break for the kids from living under siege and this time they were much more emotional going home, I think it’s because of how much worse conditions in Gaza are now even than last year. At night, talking to the children’s families and friends online, they were almost always sitting in the dark due to only having a few hours of electricity per day. The situation there and what is being done to the people in Gaza is barbaric and it has to stop. From the solidarity shown to the group here, it is obvious that the Irish government is totally out of step with people here in its approach to Palestine. We will do this again, it’s not possible to stop something so enriching, so full of love and solidarity, and fun. This is absolutely a two way experience, in fact, it might just be more rewarding for people in Ireland, I know it lifts me up immensely.


I miss the shebab and I talk to most of them every day online, still getting slagged…!

I want to see them again but it’s almost impossible to get into or out of Gaza. Will they be able to come again? Will all of them grow up with freedom of movement, with their rights upheld? That’s our job, to work as hard as we can to support the Palestinian struggle, especially through the BDS campaign.


There are many people to thank for their brilliant efforts and organising, that’s for another post. This is just my personal gratitude to the kids for being, and for being here.

For now it’s #COYBFG and shukran shebab!  Ana mishteklekum. Abdelatif, Tamer, Khalifa, Abunajie, Karam,  Ahmed Abunajie, Seyam, Abu Nada, Abdelrahman Awad, Hanafy, Wael, Ismail, Motasem, Mohammed Abushar, Mohammed Yousef, Kemo, Abood Abusafia, Mahmoud.

Gaza Kids to Ireland Events 2017

The Gaza Kids to Ireland are coming back!

As the trip last year was such an uplifting, joyous experience, we are doing it all again this summer! At the end of July, the kids from Al Helal Academy are coming to Ireland to play football and meet you!

We need funds to make this happen, please donate here

Facebook Gaza Action Ireland  Twitter @GazaAI1

These are our public events.

Saturday 29th July

10 am Ringsend Astro 10am against Cambridge United Sandymount Strand 12pm – Clann na Gael pitches end of strand

Gaza Kids to Sandymount Strand 

4pm Ballinteer St.. John’s clubhouse and pitches at Marlay Park for Gaelic football and hurling with the Gaza kids.

Gaza Kids to Ballinteer  

Gaza Kids to Ballybrack Family Fun Day 
Sunday 30th July 1pm Ballybrack FC Coolevin, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin

Monday 31st July 3pm Killina pitch, Kinvara, Co. Galway

Kinvara United V Al Helal Football Academy,

Tuesday 1st August

Gaza Kids to Manorhamilton 

Manorhamilton Rangers match 2pm, FamilyFun Day, Lisnabrack Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

Wednesday 2nd August 6pm Janesboro FC Pearse Stadium

Gaza Kids to Limerick 

Limerick football blitz,

Thursday 3rd August

Cork welcomes Palestinian football players 3pm Mardyke Arena 

Friday 4th August

Gaza Kids to Tallaght

Guard of honour for Shamrock Rovers V Derry City

Saturday 5th August

Match to be announced



Gaza Kids to Ireland 2017 Events and Fundraising

The Gaza Kids to Ireland are coming back!

As the trip last year was such an uplifting, joyous experience, we are doing it all again this summer! At the end of July, the kids from Al Helal Academy are coming to Ireland to play football and meet you!

The children will play against teams from Dublin, Leitrim, Kinvara, Limerick and Cork during their visit and will participate in family events. We want to show them some hospitality while they’re here so we hope you’ll come out to our events and support them.

You can read about last year here:Gaza Kids to Ireland – It Happened

If you want to give some money to the project, please do so here:  Donate!

July 20th

Limerick, Upstairs at Dolans – An Evening of Palestinian Music and Culture in Aid of the Gaza Kids to Ireland 8pm

July 20th

Gaza Kids Al Helal FC to Ballybrack FC! Fundraising gig July 20th 7.30pm Purty Kitchen, Dún Laoghaire


July 23rd

Night at the Musicals in aid of Gaza Kids to Ireland 23rd July 8pm Civic Theatre, Tallaght. An evening of song and laughter featuring the songs of hit Broadway musicals such as Les Mis, Wicked, Rent, and more, performed by professionally trained singers. Tickets available here


July 27th

Gaza Kids to Manorhamilton Table Quiz Thurs 27 July 8pm Gurn’s Bar, Manorhamilton, Leitrim. 

July 31st

Rematch! Kinvara United V Al Helal Football Academy, Gaza City 3pm Killina pitch, Kinvara, Co. Galway 

Palestine Comes to Kinvara! Tully’s Bar 8.30 pm

Music, dance and spoken word with renowned Palestinian percussionist Raed Said and Irish musicians.

The kids have been invited to the Shamrock Rovers V Derry game on 4th August, this is the Gaza Kids to Tallaght page, they are doing great work!

Facebook   Gaza Action Ireland
Twitter @GazaAI1



Natalie Imbruglia, Please Don’t Make a Big Mistake

Dear Natalie,

We are writing to you to ask you to please reconsider your performance in Israel, scheduled for the 1st March, 2017. We understand this will be your first appearance in Israel and would like to inform you that playing there will be in breach of the Palestinian call for artists to respect the cultural boycott of Israel until it adheres to international law and Palestinians have their civil and political rights which they are currently denied by the apartheid Israeli government. [1]

Like Aboriginal people in Australia before 1966, indigenous Palestinians who live in Israel are prevented from enjoying full citizenship in that state. Full citizenship is available only on theocratic grounds, to people who are defined as Jewish by the State. Furthermore, Palestinians in Israel are subject to more than 50 laws discriminating against them – de facto apartheid.  Palestinians who reside in the Occupied Territories of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza which Israel seized and occupied in 1967 cannot vote at all in Israeli elections. These Palestinian people subsist in segregated bantustans isolated from each other by apartheid walls and fences with their movement controlled by over 500 checkpoints, preventing them from attending universities and hospitals, and seeing friends and relatives – many families have been separated for years due to this system of apartheid. Indeed the International Court of Justice declared Israel’s apartheid wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory illegal in 2004 – further international law that it ignores.

Palestinians persecuted by military occupation naturally wish to live freely with rights in their own ancestral lands. However, illegal Israeli settlements continually expand and encroach upon those lands, despite several United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. Most recently, on 23 December 2016, the UNSC passed another resolution unanimously against expansion of the illegal settlements, and again affirmed their illegality under international law, yet Israel refuses to recognise these resolutions.  Israel has now declared de facto war on the resolution’s sponsors, including New Zealand [2] and also intends to withhold UN dues [3]. Since the resolution Israel has accelerated its demolition of Palestinian homes to four times its 2016 weekly average, making hundreds of people homeless.

Nearly 800,000 Jewish people now reside illegally on Palestinian lands, enjoying full political rights while Palestinians languish, brutalised by military occupation and without rights. Palestinian refugees driven out in the 1948 Nakba from the areas which Israel claimed comprise the second largest refugee population in the world and again, despite the requirements of international law, Israel refuses to permit these Indigenous people to return to their homes. In many countries Palestinians are stateless, living in squalid refugee camps for decades, never giving up hope that their right of return will be realised and they can return to their Indigenous home and heritage which has been usurped and colonised.

Zionist colonisation of Palestine follows a similar trajectory to British colonisation of Australia, where Indigenous Australians were forced into isolating missions and reserves, slaughtered and dispossessed of their land and culture, while Palestinians too are subjected to extreme violence and forced into refugee camps and bantustans  We understand you have experienced the end results of these genocidal colonial crimes during your participation in the First Contact SBS programme and are sympathetic to the plight of Aboriginal people in Australia consequent to white colonisation. We ask you to consider also the distressing situation for Palestinian people and the importance of support for their struggle for liberation and justice. Because the international political community has refused to act to support their rights, Palestinians called in 2005 for cultural boycott and asked people of conscience like yourself for solidarity with their movement by refraining from performing in Israel.

By respecting their call, you will also be supporting the women of Gaza who suffer from breast cancer, another area where you have shown empathy. Israel prevents breast cancer sufferers, and indeed most cancer sufferers from obtaining appropriate treatment, due to its collective punishment of two million civilians which it has incarcerated in the largest prison in the world – Gaza – since 2006.

Dozens of female cancer patients in the Gaza Strip have launched a protest against Israel’s refusal to allow them to cross into Israel to seek medical treatments in hospitals in Israel, East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The women say the ban or delay of their treatments is a “premeditated death sentence.” [4]

Due to Israel’s military attacks on Gaza and its illegal, immoral siege which prevents the import of fuel supply and parts, sickness is common there since the water supply is contaminated by dysfunctional sewerage treatment plants and electricity supply is currently down to a mere four hours per day [5]. Physicians for Human Rights comments on Israel’s deprivation of medical equipment:

There are no syringes, no bandages and no tubes. When one of our surgeons asks for a specific scalpel or bandage during surgery he’s told that there aren’t any available. When we train a local doctor and teach him techniques and procedures he has nothing to work with.” [Ibid.]

The UN has estimated that without major reconstruction, Gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020. [Ibid.] Should you play your concert in Israel, be aware that this crime against humanity is being perpetrated just miles from you.

Certainly, Israel will continue to carry out its injustices against the Palestinian people if we are silent and do not act. We implore you to recognise your performance in Israel cannot create bridges over apartheid, oppression and suffering, merely obscure it so Israel can continue to pretend that its crimes are “normal” and blame Palestinians for their own plight. This is clearly not the case any more than the myth proliferated by white supremacists that Aboriginal people in Australia are responsible for their own immiseration.

The reality is that for Israel any show that isn’t cancelled because of boycott appeals is considered a political victory over the Palestinian struggle and international solidarity with it. Performing in Tel Aviv means playing for a segregated audience, on ethnically cleansed land. We really hope you can’t see yourself doing this and you join Lauryn Hill, Cassandra Wilson, Sinead O’Connor, Cat Power, Massive Attack and thousands of other artists who have refused to play in Israel – in Ireland over 540 artists have pledged to boycott the state, as have over 1,190 in the UK, and many more all over the world.

Please respect the Palestinian call to boycott Israel – you can make a real difference here and help tip the moral scales toward justice.


We are a group, of over 2000 members from many nations around the globe, who believe that it is essential for musicians & other artists to heed the call of the PACBI, and join in the boycott of Israel. This is essential in order to work towards justice for the Palestinian people under occupation, and also in refugee camps and in the diaspora throughout the world.

Palestine Support Network Australia (PSNA)
Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA)
Australian Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions Campaign for Palestine (BDS)
Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP)
Sydney Staff for BDS
The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

Samah Sabawi, Palestinian Australian playwright and Al Shabaka policy adviser
Kollaps, Melbourne band
Candy Royalle, Writer, Performer, Activist, Educator
Amy McQuire, Indigenous Writer
Penelope Swales, Musician
Sara Dowse, Writer
Trish Nacey, Videographer and Musician
Walbira Murray, Indigenous Research Officer
Ken Canning, Indigenous Playwright
Jeff Sparrow, Writer, Editor and Broadcaster
Marcelo Svirsky, Writer





Call on the Government: Bring 200 Children from Calais camp to Ireland

Not On Our Watch is calling on the Irish government to bring 200 unaccompanied children from Calais camp to safety here. There is a motion bonding debated in the Dáil on Wednesday 2nd November, with a vigil outside at 7pm.

Please tweet to the government asking them to act now, the situation is critical for these children and Ireland must take some responsibility for their safety.

Sample tweets

Pls vote for the motion to bring 200 children from Calais to Ireland #Take200 #BringCalaisKids

Let’s show the children in Calais some humanity for 2016. Bring the kids to Ireland #Take200 #BringCalaisKids

Cherish all the children, bring 200 from Calais to Ireland #Take200 #BringCalaisKids

The children in Calais are our children too. Bring them here #Take200 #BringCalaisKids

Can Ireland show some decency? Bring 200 children from Calais here #Take200 #BringCalaisKids