Irish group condemns Gaza school attack and Irish Government inaction

From Gaza Action Ireland
Irish group condemns Gaza school attack, Govt inaction

TODAY’S brutal attack on a UN school in Gaza underlines the stupidity and cowardice of Irish and EU policy toward Israel, Gaza Action Ireland (GAI) said.

At least 15 people were killed, with many more injured and the death count likely to grow.

The hospitals in Gaza, already under dire pressure due to the illegal siege, are now in an overwhelming, Israeli-made crisis, running on generators, with zero stock of many vital medicines and a medical community that is under constant military assault trying to deal with mass injuries and fatalities.

“Hospitals, schools, mosques, homes, the entire infrastructure of Gaza is being targeted and the people there are being terrorised and traumatised by the world’s fourth largest military,” Zoe Lawlor, GAI coordinator, said.

Today at the Dáil, GAI organised a protest by doctors, nurses and paramedics against Israel’s targeting of hospitals, clinics, ambulances and medical personnel.

“It could hardly be made any clearer than Israel is deliberately targeting civilians,” Lawlor added. “The attack, and their initial lies about this savage massacre, have brought home to the world their basic indifference to Palestinian suffering, something that has been evident throughout the last eight years of violence and siege.”

“The sickening irony is that this atrocity comes so soon after Ireland abstained on the UN Human Rights Council motion to investigate Israeli war crimes,” GAI coordinator Mags O’Brien said. “It is a disgrace that Ireland was dragged into an EU language of ‘balance’ that is just a front for shameful capitulation to Israeli and American intransigence.”

Lawlor said: “This latest attack on a UN school shows Israel’s utter contempt for the international community and of course for the people of Gaza. People who had already been made homeless by 17 days and nights of relentless Israeli bombardment, taking shelter in what they thought was a safe place, were bombed. This is a crime against humanity and Israel must face sanctions for its war crimes against the Palestinian people.

“The thousands of people all over Ireland that have taken part in actions and marches in solidarity with the Palestinian people shows clearly that the Irish Government is blatantly acting against the wishes of the Irish people by its shameful abstention on the UN vote yesterday. The level of outrage at this here is palpable.”



Gaza Action Ireland, which grew out of the Irish Ship to Gaza initiative, is a solidarity group that organises civil-society contacts between Ireland and Palestinians in the Gaza strip. It is responsible for the Windows Into Gaza art exhibition that is currently touring Ireland, and it is planning to bring a team of young footballers from Gaza to play here. In addition to artists and sports clubs, it has also forged links with fishermen, journalists, human-rights activists and providers of emergency services.

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