Israeli Airstrikes are Latest in Series of Ceasefire Violations

Press release from Gaza Action Ireland  3 April 2013

Israel’s latest air attack on Gaza is an escalation of the terror people there have lived under since the end of November’s war on the Palestinian territory – says an ex-TD who has been working in Gaza.

“It’s important to remember that Israel had already violated the November ceasefire many times before it dropped bombs on Tuesday evening,” Chris Andrews, former Dublin South East TD, said this morning.

Andrews returned to Ireland a fortnight ago from Gaza, where he worked for several months with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.


“My heart goes out to my friends in Gaza,” he said, “but Israeli violence there is continuous – from navy attacks on fishermen, to snipers shooting farmers near the border, to the violence of the siege itself, which keeps Gaza constantly short of essential supplies.”

“We condemn these new airstrikes,” Zoë Lawlor, a spokesperson for Gaza Action Ireland who herself visited the Palestinian territory earlier this year, said. “And we note that Israeli armed forces have killed four people in Gaza and wounded more than 90 since the end of the November attack. Their planes and drones constantly violate Gaza’s airspace and terrorise its people. Israel’s aggression never really stops.”

The latest escalation, in which Israel reportedly struck at fields in the north and east of the Gaza strip, comes amid protests from Palestinians and their supporters about the death of Maysara Abu-Hamdiya, a former general in the Palestinian Authority security services. A long-time prisoner in Israel, his throat cancer killed him just two months after he was diagnosed. Palestinian human rights groups say he was denied adequate and timely medical treatment in Israeli custody and was bound hand and foot to his bed when visited by his lawyer two days prior to his death.

Maysara is the second prisoner to die in Israeli custody this year, the first being Arafat Jaradat, who died from injuries inflicted while he was being interrogated.


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