Tánaiste’s Response to Attack on Gaza Criticised


PRESS RELEASE, 2pm, 16/11/12


Gaza Action Ireland has responded strongly to the Tánaiste and
Minister of Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore’s “fence-sitting response to
Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza”. In a statement published on the
Department of Foreign Affairs website, Minister Gilmore suggested that
the assault on Gaza was ‘triggered’ by Palestinian rocket attacks on
Israeli towns.

See: http://www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=88779#top

According to Mags O’Brien, a spokesperson for Gaza Action Ireland,
“The ongoing assault on Gaza is part of a pattern of punishment
attacks that Israel has engaged in since placing the Palestinian
territory under blockade in early 1991. The Israeli state
systematically uses brutal violence and illegal collective punishment
to keep the people of Gaza in a state of subjugation. This is utterly
unacceptable and it is unhelpful for Eamon Gilmore to suggest an
equivalence of violence. The violence used by Israel is entirely
disproportionate and indefensible. Minister Gilmore also knows that
the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal under international law.”

Ms O’Brien continued: “Palestine and Israel are not two states at war.
In reality, Israel, a nuclear power, has occupied, settled and
dissected one part of Palestine and is blockading another.”

She concluded: “Israel’s attack on Gaza must be halted and it is
important that the international community puts relentless pressure on
Tel Aviv to end the violence. The Irish government needs to adopt a
more robust and less equivocal position. The minister should also be
leading the demand for economic and political sanctions against Israel
until it ends its siege of Gaza and its occupation of the rest of

A number of demonstrations are taking place around Ireland in response
to the latest Israeli assault on Gaza, codenamed ‘Operation Pillar of
Cloud’ and Gaza Action Ireland is calling on people to turn out in
support of these events.


Limerick – 5.30pm @ Thomas Street, Limerick city
Waterford – 6pm @ Red Square, Waterford city
Belfast – 5.30pm @ The International Wall, Divis St, Belfast city


Dublin – 2pm @ The Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1


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