Gaza on my mind

Watching the latest barbarity and atrocities in Gaza perpetrated by monstrous, murderous Israel and  friends from Gaza are posting about their buildings shaking, about explosions, about bombs, about F16s,  about tanks, about ground invasions.  They are posting about noise and fear and strength. They write about the Internet being cut off, about injuries, about hurt, about deaths. They are living in this nightmare, they are being attacked and they are still strong. It floors me.

They talk about solidarity helping to sustain them but maybe that’s just a kindness to those of us not there, trying to make us feel better because that’s what the Palestinians are like. They are strong, they take it to unimaginable levels, they have got sumoud coming out of them like a force.

I wish I could do something more, and the tears roll down. This has to stop.

Gaza will not go down. Palestine will not go down. Abide, resist, live.


One thought on “Gaza on my mind

  1. They ooze ‘sumud.’ They are definitely the strongest, and most steadfast people you will ever meet. I pray that i go there myself one day and document the conditions. Our hearts go out to Gaza. We must remain in solidarity with them by creating awareness about this issue, and creating groups in protest that condemn the violence on Gazan civilians so that this is no longer a Palestinian issue, but the world’s issue.

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