Zionism – Absence of Soul?

We read today the terrible news that three children in Deir-Al- Balah in Gaza  burned to death as a result of the fuel shortages blighting life there. The children from the Bashir family are aged two, five and six – a fouth child, a six month old baby,  is in hospital. They were using a candle because of power cuts and fell asleep. This unspeakable horror is a result of the siege illegally and immorally imposed on Gaza by Israel.  There are many stories of the lives and livelihoods ruined by this siege, the families who can’t rebuild their homes, the patients who can’t get proper medical treatment, the kids who can’t avail of opportunities for education, for travel because of this blockade – it is an affront to humanity.

Reading an article about this on YNet, friends noted the comments underneath from supporters of apartheid. They are vile, the absence of humanity is disturbing in the extreme. Similar to when a bus crashed recently killing Palestinian children,  the abject lack of empathy or common humanity expressed by the zionist posters is astonishing.  It seems that the Israeli state has been successful in dehumanising Palestinians so much, particularly those in Gaza, to much of the Israeli public that many of them have lost any shred of decency towards them. I know this is not representative of everybody but to me it is representative of zionism which is a racist ideology privileging the rights of some human beings above others. If you subscribe to that then you see others as inferior and their death, injury, humanity is easy to dismiss. I think this is one of the ways the colonial project that is Israel has ‘succeeded’. You couldn’t support your government bombing a captive people for 22 days and imprisoning them and demolishing their homes and locking up children and building walls around them unless you believed they were lesser beings to you, could you?

Here are some of the comments:

Blame the Jews: NOT the morons who cant handle a candle!

Mindless pals can’t even handle a candle for G-ds sake! Don’t see any houses burning down in Xmas time in the states. But in Gaza… yeah. Idiots would rather fund terror than nation building: they could’ve had solar plants, desalination plants for water and gas turbines installed A LONG, LONG TIME AGO. But instead; they fund terror, rockets, explosives, guns, weapons and 5 star hotels that no one can afford. leave to the pals to provide the supreme example of what the words ”Sub-Human” means. Fools.


Blame Israel now for this?? What about parents supervision?? Oh hold on, the father was busy preparing rockets for Hamas.



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