Dying to Live- Hana Shalabi, a Study in Courage

A study in courage, another one. Another inspirational struggle for justice. Another human being with an unbreakable will who refuses Israel’s barbarity. Her name is Hana Shalabi.  The picture below of Hana and her father moves me so much, it says everything to me, it says Palestine.

We’ve been here before, recently, when Khader Adnan was on hunger strike. Now Hana Shalabi is into her 43rd day of her hunger strike to protest being held in illegal administrative detention by apaetheid Israel. Hana is being held without charge, like all those held under this unjust system, she has also been beaten and abused by her captors. This is not Hana’s first time being illegally held, she has already spent over two years in Israeli custody, again without charge.  Her brother was murdered by Israeli warplanes in 2005, like most Palestinian families, the Shalabis have suffered in countless ways at the hands of Israel.

Hana Shalabi is thirty, she was planning to go to university, she was trying to have a normal life, she was trying to be.  She was rearrested violently on 16th February when both she and her brother were beaten up by the IOF. Since this arrest  Hana has been held mainly in solitary confinement and been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by the Israeli prison service. She is now in hospital, her health is in grave danger, yet she is shackled to her bed.

Hana Shalabi is  immensely courageous, far beyond her years. She is undertaking this incredible act of resistance not just for her own case but for all Palestinian political prisoners, for justice. In the face of the Israeli military murder machine she stands defiant, exercising her will, exercising her rights as best she can, she is a hero. She has not eaten in 43 days.

I’m sick of the bullshit media rhetoric that allows the mighty Israel to pitch itself as the victim and ignores all the incredibly brave Palestinians who defy military aggression, apartheid, home demolition, imprisonment and multiple other crimes against humanity every day. They do it with dignity, courage and grace.  But we rarely hear about them in the mainstream media, their narrative is absent while Israeli mythology is present and swallowed hook, line and sinker.  We hear nothing from our craven politicians about this sham of a legal system. Will we have to wait until Hana is into the 60th day until there is some mention of it in the mainstream? Will she be alive then? How many more will feel they have to follow her to achieve justice?

We can’t do much for Hana except sign petitions, share information, lobby politicians and lend our  solidarity and our respect.  But let us rage against Israeli actions, against Israeli apartheid until it ends.

Amnesty – take action

Free hunger striker Hanaa Shalabi immediately


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