Abject Inhumanity – Israel’s Imprisonment of Gaza

You can know about Israel’s abject inhumanity, you can see it at first hand, read about it, write about it every day, but every so often it slaps you right in the face. The sheer fucking inhumanity and barbarism of people deciding that cornflakes and children’s books are not to be allowed into Gaza…it’s mindblowing. The entire situation is so beyond wrong that sometimes it’s hard to comprehend.

That’s it, I have no more words for this tonight.

In response to watching this on TG4

Fíorscéal: Luxuries/Galántais Gaza (OS)
Fíorscéal: Luxuries/Galántais Gaza (OS)
The Israeli blockade on Gaza is tightly monitored: essential necessities allowed, luxuries denied. At their weekly meeting at the Defense Ministry the Israeli bureaucrats move on to the next item on their agenda: hair conditioner. Palestinians may have a right to clean hair, but they don’t have a right to smooth and silky hair. And it was pretty devious of the Palestinians to purchase a 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner blend. Letting that into Gaza is a slippery slope. Permission denied! (Repeat)

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