Gaza Under Attack – Who Cares?

March 2012 – I have to put the date on this post to differentiate it from all the other times Gaza is under attack. Of course Gaza is under constant attack and siege, the only variation coming in the numbers of those murdered by vicious, brutal, wamongering Israel.  By the way this is being reported in the mainstream media you would think that Israel was under attack from Gaza, that 18 Israelis had been murdered, not 18 Palestinians. I wrote this yesterday morning about the Irish national broadcaster, yes a public service broadcaster – paid for by licence fees: “RTÉ is an endless fucking disgrace, when they finally reported the murders in Gaza, they only talked about two “militants” and then gave a quote from an Israeli spokesperson about rockets. When people are murdered it’s not usual for the only comment reported to come from the murderer is it….unless you’re Palestinian of course.” From what I can see, the Irish national broadcaster is not alone in its bias to Israel, the BBC and countless other outlets are equally reprehensible.

What is it that allows journalists to be so lazy, so wrong, so amoral in their reporting of the deaths of Palestinians? Is it racism, laziness, what? Why does a journalist writing the headline, or indeed reading it, not question why the comment is from the perpetrator, not the victim. Why don’t they tell the truth? Why don’t they say that Gaza is under an illegal, immoral siege?  That bombing a civilian population is a warcrime? That Israel as the occupying power has a legal responsibility to the occupied people? That executing people because of invented plots they are alleged to be hatching is illegal. That the people of Gaza are being slowly starved, are imprisoned, are being experimented on by Israel in one of the most sinister, disturbing and disgusting acts ever? Why don’t they give names to the people murdered, they are not “militants”, they are people? Have they buried their humanity so deep that they actually believe the victim is really at fault or are they just playing the game of complicity that their employers demand? Why don’t they tell the fucking truth?

I won’t even mention politicians with their vile condemnations of the rockets fired into Israel – with no mention of the bombs dropped on Gaza. Or their pathetic calls for  restraint from ‘both sides’, their useless ‘deploring’ of the violence. I deplore their endless apologia for Israel’s warcrimes.

This appeal from Gaza contains so many crimes against humanity that it would make your head spin, this is never reported in the mainstream media. It seems that the savagery being inflicted on the people of Gaza is to be tolerated by the powers that be and not reported properly but I read thousands of articles and posts every week that show me that millions of ordinary people do care about Palestine, do not accept what is being done to the Palestinian people and see Israel for the murderous,  apartheid, colonial entity that it is. Civil society within and outside Palestine, resistance and BDS are key to ending this barbarism. Millions of us care. This has to stop, it is an affront to humanity.

FROM DR. MONA El FARRA in Gaza: Urgent Appeal from Gaza

As the Israeli army continues its military attacks against the Gaza strip those attacks that started since Friday 10th of march at 5:30 pm and continue targeting Palestinian resistance men. Those offensive acts are illegal according to international law, every human is entitled a trial, and assassination act is illegal while resisting occupation is legal according to international law

Usually the entire civilian population, includes women and children, and pay a large price and take the brunt ofthis situation. Our concern is the lack of medications andsupplies, and if the operation continues, the number of causalities will increase; the toll is 16 dead and 30 injured unil this minute.

The Gaza population already lives under a devastating humanitarian situation, while the occupation continues, and theinternal conflict is not solved, and the governments of the world are silent. And indifferent.

We at the RCSG, appeal to the international community, and to our friends and supporters to spread the word,make the pressure on your governments, to stop these attacks soon.

The humanitarian situation in GAZA is on the verge of collapse, the military attacks continue, while we lack electricity, and our medical facilities and hospitals have exhausted the amounts offuel to operate the alternative generators. We have insufficient medications, 186 basic medications are lacking in ourpharmacies and drug stores, beside the insufficient medical supplies, children in the special care baby units are in great danger, as well as renal dialysis patients, cancer patients are dying unnecessary, while unable to have their treatment, diabetic and asthmatic patients , as well as many chronic illness patients, those who needs their medications regularly  cannot get it, the list is too long to mention.

Please act immediately to stop this attack against Gaza population. You have been always great supporters and showed your solidarity, at the most difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Mona ElFarra, Vice president

Red Crescent Society for Gaza strip

The names of the dead:

Zuhair Qaisyi
Mahmoud Hanani
Obeid Gharabli
Muhammad Harara
Shadi Al Ziqali
Hazem Qraqe
Moatasem Hajjaj
Fayeq Sa’ad
Mohammed Al-Moghary
Mahmoud Nejem
Ahmad Hajjaj
Muhammad al-Ghamry
Yahya Dahshan
Mansour Abu Nusaira
Ahmad deeb salem…..his wedding was 2 days before………..


3 thoughts on “Gaza Under Attack – Who Cares?

  1. Maybe the problem is that Palestinians provoking Israel into battle (and then crying wee wee wee all the way to the mainstream media) has been going on for decades now and people are getting bored of it. Everyone knows that if you wanted peace you would have made it but you don’t, so they’ve moved on to more important and more worthy causes like Syria and Kony.

    Boo hoo for you. You made your bed now lie in it.

    Let’s see you publish this comment and prove the Palestinian devotion to “freedom.”

  2. I have no problem publishing your vile comment, in fact the more that zionists show their true colours, their racism and abject lack of humanity, the more the world wakes up to their true nature. It’s no surprise that supporters of apartheid, racism and colonialism are themselves racist supremacists who place no value on human life other than their own and their ethno-supremacist mates. Keep it up, you’re the perfect advocate for zionism, for apartheid Israel. As captive Palestinians are being blown to bits by a war criminal, militarily tooled up state, this is the drivel and bile you post….
    The errors in your brief trash are too numerous to deal with and I don’t have time to post the hundreds of articles debunking Kony – you’re really showing your intellectual level with that one- in the gutter.
    Now, I suggest you go away and read some books, learn some truth and hope that some day you find a shred of humanity.

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