Obama Sings and It’s Headline News – He Kills…. Nothing

So Barack Obama sings a song in the White House and it makes headlines worldwide. It was actually a news item on all Irish news bulletins on the national radio and tv stations today.  Obama sings the blues at White House

When people are killed in Obomber’s drone attacks it barely warrants a mention in the mainstream media, if at all.  The Irish media does not cover such stories, preferring to propagate the sycophancy that accompanies his presidency in this country. The continuing crime that is Guantanamo receives no coverage really.  There are great and honest journalists like John Pilger and Glenn Greenwald, among others, who document the war mongering, but the mainstream media remains complicit in it.  Murder people and we turn away, but belt out a tune and we’re all watching. It’s fucked up.

U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners


One thought on “Obama Sings and It’s Headline News – He Kills…. Nothing

  1. Hi ZazaFL,
    There is a saying in Arabic: “Two things go un-noticed: The adultery of the rich and the death of the poor.”
    Good blog – BDS are the stones of the international community to help the stone-children of Plaestine get their freedom.

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