A door opens – Solidarity for Khader Adnan

I saw an excerpt from this beautiful poem by a friend on the Solidarity Letters to #KhaderAdnan رسائل دعم لخضر عدنان page last night and I asked him if he was going to publish it, he kindly let me do so here.  The poet is Tomás  Mac Conmara member of Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, I think it is a really moving tribute to Khader Adnan and his inspiring act of courage.

A door opens
Solidarity for Khader Adnan

Big Tomás Ashe walks down a prison corridor,
The gates of death close behind,
Seán McGaughey from the county of Tyrone,
Food and water denied, life goes, eternal name
Bellaghy offered Francie Hughes, a giant of a man,
His final fight was hunger, he won, he died, he lives.

McSwiney, Lynch and McIlwee
Murphy, Stagg and Sands,
All have walked that lonesome road,
The doors of death closed in

Forever on my mind, forged indelibly,
Sacrifice everlasting, perpetual legacy,
Their life was not for living, but to give for you and me,
All forced to death by the cruel hand of tyranny.

An iron shackle, ties Khader, to a lonesome prison bed,
His wife, and fearsome family, filled with hope and dread.
Will he join the martyrs, or his family?
Both will gently take his hand and grant eternity.

Voices of the living fade,
You are nearer death than life,
Your body wastes, with every day,
A door opens to the afterlife,

You are weak and you are strong,
You are gentle wind and mountain side,
A broken body, impenetrable soul,
Weakened heart, relentless tide.

Israel holds your lovely life, in their cruel hands,
To them, your life it is nothing, like every Arab man’s,
For you death is permitted, but certainly is not willed,
I fear those awful tyrants, won’t stop until you’re killed.

Another walks now towards that death,
His shadow hard to see,
But in his battle cry there is,
A call for you and me.

Wherever man is denied, his basic liberty,
Wherever he is restrained,
He will not fall unto his knee,
Nor to the hunger pains.

A door opens to you now, Khader of Palestine,
Your God he waits for thee,
If you walk towards, his warm embrace,
I wish you eternity.

Israel you’re a terrorist,
Your crimes, the world can see,
Too often have you told your lies,
And sought immunity.

But the crimes that have made you monster,
Are the same that will make you pay,
When justice knocks those apartheid walls,
And Palestine gets its day.

Khader could not break you,
But you could not break him,
His weakened frame, attacked by pain,
Hold power and strength within.

If Khader goes and when a smile,
Cracks through your rotten face,
Remember this that every tide,
Returns and gathers pace.

More will follow Khader’s lead,
and join his noble fight,
You cannot stop the rising tide,
For wrong cannot trump right.

My own thoughts here:

Dying to Live – Khader Adnan, a Lesson in Dignity and the Essence of Freedom


4 thoughts on “A door opens – Solidarity for Khader Adnan

  1. Thank you for this beautiful poem…
    Although he certainly deserves to paradise, I really hope the next door he opens will be the one heading to his family…

  2. Maith thu Tomas , I know you wont want praise but you have touched and inspired many with your words ,,

    “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one man who doesn’t want to be broken.
    Bobby Sands

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