BDS Is Biting

If there is any doubt that BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against apartheid Israel is working, the sheer volume of articles and amount of effort invested in combatting it, demonstrates how threatening it is to those who support Israel’s ongoing colonisation of Palestine.

Pro-Israel organisation Stand With Us recently promoted a BDS round up aimed at “delegitimising the delegitimisers” – BDS Global Digest

This blog highlights the BDS campaign and also focuses on artists who choose to stand on the wrong side of justice by playing for apartheid. In a post about the metal band Arch Enemy, the blog makes this erroneous claim: “the BDS group Don’t Play Apartheid Israel (DPAI) created a Facebook page and is trying to persuade Arch Enemy to cancel its concert in Tel Aviv. A member of the band responded on Facebook and Twitter to the activists, asking them to stop their harassment, and laying out a clear position against the BDS agenda: “we play for the innocent metal fans, not governments”; “I support freedom of expression for EVERYBODY, including Israeli citizens. We don’t discriminate by race, state, color or gender.” Music performances targeted by BDS activists

There has been NO harassment of Arch Enemy, but there have been efforts to get the band to cancel their gig in Israel and to demonstrate the true apartheid nature of the Israeli state to them. Although she claimed to have been harassed on the Facebook page, Angela Gossow never produced any evidence of this when asked to and thereafter did not mention it again.

Angela Gossow did not ask us to stop harassing her on twitter, she engaged but there was no mention of harassment as there had been none. This interaction is all recorded here: Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow refuses to HEAR Palestinian voices, claims Amnesty will be at Tel Aviv gig


 @AGossow Can you play for this?? #Israel “19 Children Killed, 200 Injured, By Israeli Shells In 2011” #Gaza #Palestine   11 Dec
AGossowAngela Gossow
@ZazaFL We play for the innocent metal fans, not governments. There’s been plenty of casualties on both sides :-(
@AGossow Do you not support freedom of expression for Palestinians? Why can’t you hear them? You sure won’t see them at your show.
Angela Gossow

@AGossow Angela Gossow
@ZazaFL I support freedom of expression for EVERYBODY, including Israeli citizens. We dont discriminate by race, state, color or gender.
@AGossow By playing #Israel you will be endorsing the oppression of the #Palestinian people – their freedom of expression is under attack
AGossowAngela Gossow
@neon_black81 I dont support Stand With US btw – that was just a personal tweet reply and they abused that straight away. Politics r dirty!
Contacting artists and asking them not to play for apartheid does not constitute “targetting”, it is political solidarity campaigning and it is growing. BDS is unstoppable!
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