Joker (Dubstep) cancels gig in apartheid Israel – receives threats from Israelis

Joker (Dubstep) was due to play in Tel Aviv  on 20th December 2011. He was contacted by fans on Facebook asking him to cancel his performance and not support Israeli apartheid, there was also much interaction on Twitter between Joker, other musicians, and supporters of apartheid Israel as well as those working for equality for the Palestinian people. More details here: Thank you Joker for not playing with Israeli Apartheid  and here: Joker to Refrain Playing Israel UPDATE

Since this decision was announced, there has been a huge amount of comment on the Joker Official Facabook page. From the exponents of BDS, it is supportive and respectful, from the supporters of Israeli apartheid, it is threatening and often obscene. As with the recent situation with Arch Enemy and their Israeli fans, the oppressors of the Palestinian people show their true colours yet again. Despite repeatedly proclaiming that: music is above politics, it’s about the music, music is for people not governments– the minute Joker announced his cancellation, the Israeli apologists for apartheid went into overdrive and posted repeatedly about politics…no truth in their campaign.

Some examples of the abuse directed at Joker and those congratulating him follow below, this reply to a poster condemning the illegal siege of Gaza is amongst the most vile but is by no means unrepresentative: Jeruzalem Massiive “wow. yael you are one piece of shiaaat. go and fuck yourself twice, maybe than ull stop beeing such a cunt ass bitch. really. you are one of the most nasty ass bitches i met in my lifetime. stop hate yourself and start spreading love you stupid lil woman. he decided to perform and you cunt cant respect it ??
i wish a piano will fall on you in the middle of the street than maybe youll start understand what music is all about,
stop the hate woman. go and find someone that will agree to fuck you. beside ahmadinjad. you nsty nasty stupid bitch. really im fockn annoyed !!!! damn. fuck. tits.”

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4 thoughts on “Joker (Dubstep) cancels gig in apartheid Israel – receives threats from Israelis

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