Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow refuses to HEAR Palestinian voices, claims Amnesty will be at Tel Aviv gig

The metal band Arch Enemy is scheduled to play apartheid Israel on 24th January, following their Khaos Over Europe Tour in conjunction with Amnesty International’s freedom of expression campaign.

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) group Don’t Play Apartheid Israel (DPAI) created a Facebook page to support the Palestinian call for BDS and to try to persuade Arch Enemy to cancel the gig,  in support of the oppressed Palestinian people.

As a member of DPAI, I have been tweeting Angela Gossow and Arch Enemy about the censorship of their official FB page, the racism that many of their Israeli fans displayed in posts on our page and,  most importantly, reiterating the Palestinian call to boycott apartheid Israel.

(Further info here: Arch Enemy, freedom of speech and BDS      Apologists for Israeli war crimes support for Arch Enemy on BDS page )

Angela Gossow (@AGossow), a self-proclaimed proponent of freedom of expression has finally engaged with me on Twitter – here is the ‘conversation’.  Note, this is after several tweets from me.

 @AGossow Can you play for this?? #Israel “19 Children Killed, 200 Injured, By Israeli Shells In 2011” #Gaza #Palestine   11 Dec
AGossowAngela Gossow
@ZazaFL We play for the innocent metal fans, not governments. There’s been plenty of casualties on both sides 😦
@AGossow Do you not support freedom of expression for Palestinians? Why can’t you hear them? You sure won’t see them at your show.
Angela Gossow

@AGossow Angela Gossow
@ZazaFL I support freedom of expression for EVERYBODY, including Israeli citizens. We dont discriminate by race, state, color or gender.
@AGossow By playing #Israel you will be endorsing the oppression of the #Palestinian people – their freedom of expression is under attack.

 @AGossow Have you actually read this? Listened to the oppressed? Arch Enemy: Stand with Revolution not #Apartheid: #BDS       (PACBI call)
@AGossow BUT do you support freedom of expression for Palestinians? You NEVER mention them….
Angela from Arch Enemy tweeted this on 15th December in support of Stand With Us – Israel propagandists and supporters of apartheid:

@StandWithUs  Thank-you for fighting for  the good cause and against sexual discrimination! We play for the #HumanRightsFighters in Israel!

This tweet has since been deleted but is screenshotted below.

22nd December: Despite tweeting her support to Stand With Us on 15th Decemer, Angela  tweeted this today, stating she doesn’t support them. Much obfuscation, little clarity, little truth. She also stated that amnesty International will be present at the show in Tel Aviv, an astonishing claim, especially given how AI withdrew from Leonard Cohen’s Israel concert fund in 2009.Amnesty International Withdraws from Leonard Cohen’s Israel Concert Fund

AGossowAngela Gossow
@neon_black81 I dont support Stand With US btw – that was just a personal tweet reply and they abused that straight away. Politics r dirty!
AGossowAngela Gossow
@neon_black81 Thank you. We will release a joint statement with Amnesty International regarding this subject. AI will be present at our show
She then tweeted to me in response to an article on Israel’s abuses of freedom of expression claiming again that Amnesty International will be at their show in apartheid Tel Aviv.
@ZazaFL Its even more important then to go there with Amnesty International and preach Freedom Of Expression at our show in Israel!
Screenshots here.  Click on images to enlarge.

This tweet has since been deleted


6 thoughts on “Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow refuses to HEAR Palestinian voices, claims Amnesty will be at Tel Aviv gig

  1. Cant believe a so called anarchist group turchistrn out to support the pro zionist establishment. Anarchists in this country are very clear on their support for boycott!!

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  3. Metal musicians are not noted for their subtle thought processes but for dressing up playing facile tunes loudly and messing with sham exotica and ‘badness’. Basically who cares what they or their silly fans think? I don’t believe AI would be dumb enough to attend if these idiots play to neo-nazis. I’d be shocked if there’s an official AI presence. Frankly Angela the Airhead is probably enjoying being ‘naughty’ – for money, of course.

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